Tools as Code

Sep 5, 2021

If I were to bet on one thing, it's that everything is turning into code.

Infrastructure-as-code helps developers reproducibly spin up entire cloud architectures. Configuration-as-code lets developers configure software programmatically for different environments. Documentation-as-code gives automatic structure to documentation and allows for the generation of navigation, formatting, and other features.

Yet, so many of our tools aren't code. Sure, some companies sense the impending doom and are offering up APIs for users to programmatically access and modify their data, but this isn't enough.

Long gone are the days of systems integrators who are meant to install and setup of software on a company's bespoke hardware. Clients demand multiple environments to test in, ephemeral deployments, and hooks into software deployment pipelines. With traditional tools that require manual setup and clicking-through options, this is a non-starter.

Some tools that are ready to be configured as code.

  • Dashboards
  • Project Planning
  • Bug Tracking
  • Spreadsheets of all kinds
  • Designs (Figma)
  • CRMs (Airtable)
  • Note-taking (Roam/Notion)