Working on something new.

Previously, I was a software engineer working on open-source Kubernetes at Google, building and maintaining Kubernetes developer tools such as minikube and skaffold. I also worked on machine learning pipelines as a maintainer of the Kubeflow project. Before Google, I worked at The Blackstone Group in NYC.

I received a BA in Mathematics from Columbia University. I have an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where I was an Arjay Miller Scholar.

My email is

You can find me on:



  • minikube: run Kubernetes locally
  • skaffold: Kubernetes developer tool
  • virgo: graph-based configuration language
  • kubeflow: machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes
  • mockerfile: alternative dockerfile frontend
  • osrs-net: real-time object recognition model for RuneScape
  • docker-merge: merge docker images
  • kubeflow/fairing: python SDK for building, training, and deploying models from a Jupyter notebook
  • yamlt: extensible yaml language transform tool
  • distroless: language runtime docker images, without an operating system
  • minikube-kvm-driver: manage virtual machine lifecycles with KVM

Conference Talks