ScapeNet: Real-time object detection in RuneScape

Here's how I built a deep learning model trained on massive amounts of in-game footage.

Docker Merge

What if you could merge docker images as simply as you merge branches in git? Here's how.

Sales Calculus, Part 1: Scaling

Using mathematics to find optimal scaling phases in the life of a sales organization

Is Technology Making Us More Productive?

A macroeconomic look at the productivity paradox

Virgo: a Graph-based Configuration Language

An alternative to YAML and JSON for data better modeled with a directed graph

The Negative Operating Cycle

An early Amazon operational strategy that helped turn the company into a cash machine.

Reproducibility in Practice

What does reproducibility mean in software engineering? Some practical ways to apply it to reduce bugs and increase velocity.

6 Open Source Licenses That You Shouldn't Use

A collection of interesting open source licenses I've come across.

An Alternative to the Dockerfile

A proof-of-concept docker image definition that can be natively built with the Docker CLI

The Heptagon of Configuration

A pattern I've observed in software configuration of complex systems and that explains why bash scripts are everywhere, even at Google.

Should Your Developers Work in the Cloud?

A look at the trade-offs with local development in a world that is increasingly cloud-native.

Fast Kubernetes Development with File Sync and Smart Rebuilds

What if I told you that you didn't have to rebuild your docker images every time you made a change? I'm happy to share with you a feature I added in the last release of skaffold that instantly syncs files to your running containers without any changes to your deployments

Offline is a Feature, Not a Product

Well, you can do development on an airplane.

Unit Testing with the Kubernetes Client Library

Mocking out the Kubernetes API