Trends from The Enterprise 30

Mar 21, 2022

The Enterprise Tech 30 is a report published by Wing VC identifying 10 Early Stage, 10 Mid Stage, 10 Late Stage, and an extra 10 "Giga" (a new category) enterprise startups. You can read the full report here.

How startups make the list: first, there's a short list of about 800 startups that get sent out to institutional investors, who then fill out a survey. This year, they added an additional scoring mechanism where they used some data from a database that collects signals about private companies financials (PitchBook). Here's how the companies fall.

Developer Platforms and Tools (38% of companies)

Modern Data Stack (23%)

Productivity and Collaboration (23%)

Security (15%)

FinTech (15%)

Low-code automation(13%)

Two other trends: (1) Product-led growth (see Product-led sales at GitLab) across 80% of companies on the list. (2) The bucket ranges that the companies fall into have significantly increased year-over-year. Many of these companies haven't raised since the recent shift in public markets.