The Changelog Podcast #463

Oct 9, 2021

I had the chance to be a guest on The Changelog podcast to discuss my Reflections on 10,000 Hours of Programming post.

Listen to the episode here!

The Changelog is a podcast for developers that covers all sorts of engineering topics: software development, startups, shipping code to production, and open source. I've been a long-time listener, so it's really great to have the opportunity to be on the show.

In the podcast, I get to talk about some of the nuances behind the reflections I laid out – and try to tease out some lessons out of those reflections (spoiler: I'm still learning!). It was a fun podcast to record!

Since then, I've written about some of the reflections more in-depth: When to use DRY, Heptagon of Configuration, Keep Your API Surface Small. Actually, since that post, I've written 67 other posts that you can check out in the archive.

You can check out all of my posts on engineering here.