Shortest Time-to-Launch

Dec 24, 2022

There's a class of software that solves the simplest case and optimizes for the shortest time-to-launch (a different sort of TTL). When code is a liability, sometimes these are the best options. Think of this post as a continuation or list of examples for Solving the Simple Case. While these products aren't always the best for real stacks, they can be invaluable for a proof-of-concept or demo app. I imagine looking back at this list in a few years will be interesting.


Frontend web framework: NextJS/Vercel (Past: Ruby on Rails/Heroku)

Personal site: Webflow (Past: Squarespace)

Personal blog (non-technical): Substack (Past: WordPress)

Personal blog (static, self-hosted): GitHub Pages + Jekyll (Past: Nginx public www)

Scheduled Job: Render, Railway, Fly (AWS Lambda, Linux + cron)

Webhook: Render, Railway, Fly (AWS Lambda)

Host a model: HuggingFace

Basic analysis on a small dataset: Excel, jq, pandas in Python (Past: Excel)

SQL Database: SQLite (Past: PostgreSQL)

Stack: JAMStack (Past: MEAN, LAMP)

Backend as a Service: Supabase (past: Firebase)

Authentication: Auth0, Cognito (past: social sign in, manual)

What are some other shortest-time-to-launch products and categories?