This Week in OSS #5 (TwOSS)

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An open-source reinforcement learning framework based on Tensorflow by Google Link


Kubernetes as an API Standard by Justin Cormack. I like to think of two layers to the Kubernetes API: the REST API machinery and the patterns on top of it (controllers, watch, etc.) and then the actual Kubernetes Resource Models (Pods, etc.). Justin brings a lot of experience in this topic and a very interesting perspective. Link


AresDB: Uber's GPU-powered Real-time Analytics Engine. Link

Firefox 65.0 Released Link

RustPython: A Python Interpreter written in Rust. I'm not sure what the trend of rewriting useful APIs in Rust is (see Kubernetes as an API Standard), but I like it. Link

A Javascript based spreadsheet. Haven't had a chance to try this, but I have a special place in my heart for spreadsheets. Link


SaaS startups that have made some of their revenue data open. Link

Uber has 168 projects open-source projects on GitHub as well as a dedicated OSS site Link

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