This Week in OSS #2 (TwOSS)

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GitHub announces unlimited private repositories. Perhaps Microsoft hoping to signal good faith to GitHub developers. Buried in the announcement is another hybrid cloud feature for enterprise users. Link

Alibaba acquires Berlin-based data Artisans for $103m. Artisans leads the development of Apache Flink, an open source large-scale data processing technology. Link

There was a 51% attack on Ethereum Classic. These sorts of attacks are becoming increasingly cheaper to perform as the price of cryptocurrencies tanks and hash rate decreases. Link

Tigera Raises $30M Series B Led by Insight Venture Partners Link


History of the Plan 9 kernel (1990 – 2003) Link

"How open source software took over the world" by Mike Volpi of Index Ventures Link

And a view from the other side: "Open Source Business Models Considered Harmful" Link

"Outer Source" The author defines the term as "using closed software development methods to make open software.". A look into the spectrum of free and open. Link


GitHub shipped another seemingly innocuous, but important feature later in the week – support for setting a status. The original GitHub pitch was "Social coding" and this new feature sets the tone for the direction that Microsoft is hoping to take it. Link

Amazon releases DocumentDB (with MongoDB Compatibility). MongoDB's relicensing seems like it hasn't helped prevent cloud providers from profiting off its technology. Link


This site calculates the theoretical cost of a 51% attack on popular cryptocurrencies. The cost for a 1-hour 51% attack on Ethereum Classic is only ~$5,000. Link

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