Reproducibility in Practice

What does reproducibility mean in software engineering? Some practical ways to apply it to reduce bugs and increase velocity.

6 Open Source Licenses Guaranteed to Annoy Legal

A collection of interesting open source licenses I've come across.

A Novel docker-native Alternative to the Dockerfile

In this blog post, I'll show you how to write your own Dockerfile syntax that works out of the box with any existing Docker installation.

The Heptagon of Configuration

A pattern I've observed in software configuration of complex systems and that explains why bash scripts are everywhere, even at Google.

Should Your Developers Work in the Cloud?

A look at the trade-offs with local development in a world that is increasingly cloud-native.

Fast Kubernetes Development with File Sync and Smart Rebuilds

What if I told you that you didn't have to rebuild your docker images every time you made a change? I'm happy to share with you a feature I added in the last release of skaffold that instantly syncs files to your running containers without any changes to your deployments

Offline is a Feature, Not a Product

Well, you can do development on an airplane.

Unit Testing with the Kubernetes Client Library

How do you unit test code that makes Kubernetes API calls? Using the Kubernetes client library can help you mock out a cluster to test your code against. As one of the first consumers of the kubernetes/client-go library when building kubernetes/minikube, I built elaborate mocks for services, pods,