About me

Hi, I'm Matt. I write about engineering, product, and startups.

Richard Feynman once said that you don't truly understand a topic until you can deliver a freshman lecture on it. As someone who has written a lot of code, and gone in depth on technical topics, this blog is my attempt to prepare those "freshman lectures".

A little more about me:

Operator: SaaS, and Startups. At Stanford GSB, I focused on early stage companies, venture capital, finance, operations and sales. At Blackstone, I learned about the inner workings of private equity and valuation.

Engineer: Developer Tools, and Open Source. At Google, I was a software engineer working on Kubernetes. I built and maintained open source projects like minikube (20k+ stars), skaffold (10k+ stars), and kubeflow (9k+ stars). I'm also a longtime user of Arch Linux and contributor to the Arch User Repository (AUR).


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